yamaha-logoJeff's Marine was the first Yamaha Outboards dealer in Maine, and we are still the largest in the state today. Although we have sold other brands in the past, Yamahas have stood the test of time—and coastal Maine's demanding conditions—better than the outboards of any other manufacturer.

The company has a long history of technological excellence. In 1953, young Yamaha Corporation president Genichi Kawakami was looking for a way to make use of idle machining equipment that had previously been used to make aircraft propellers. He explored many products, but market factors led him to focus on motorcycles. Genichi visited the United States many times during this period, and eventually his tough, fast, lightweight motorcycles began chalking up victories on U.S. racecourses.

In 1960, with this overseas experience under his belt, Genichi turned his attention to the marine industry and the production of the first Yamaha boats and outboard motors. Yamaha's initial watercraft model was the CAT-21, followed by the RUN-13 and by the P-7 123cc outboard motor.

In 1963, Yamaha demonstrated its focus on technological innovation by developing the Autolube System. This was a remote oil-injection system for two-stroke engines, eliminating the inconvenience of pre-mixing fuel and oil. Today, Yamaha is leading the perfection of four-stroke technology in its outboards, achieving extraordinary improvements in engine longevity, quiet performance, exceptional fuel economy, and smokeless operation.

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carolina-skiff-logoIn 1983, marine-industry entrepreneur Terry Stark set out to develop a line of durable, stable, affordable fiberglass boats that would establish new standards for their load-carrying capability. As his model, Terry chose the well-proven jon boat, which was itself inspired by the traditional flat-bottomed garvey.

The main element of his design consisted of individually sealed, fiberglass-encapsulated, flotation-foam "logs."  These were oriented athwartships (gunwale to gunwale) and fitted tightly together in the bottom of a conventionally laminated, solid-fiberglass hull. Then the array of beams was heavily decked over with woven-roving reinforcement and polyester resin.

The original Carolina Skiff far exceeded the flotation requirements of the United States Coast Guard, and these boats soon became the workhorses of marine-construction firms, oceanographic research expeditions, and commercial fishermen. In addition, the Carolina Skiff proved to be a safe, versatile platform for family outings and recreational angling.

Today, the Carolina Skiff line includes no fewer than five different hull configurations, ranging from "Plain Jane" flat-bottomed utilities much like the original to fully rigged, sea-going sport-fishing boats like the DLV series. A longtime Carolina Skiff dealer, Jeff's Marine continues to stock bare hulls and rigging components for the basic Carolina Skiffs, but in 2010 we began to carry the more sophisticated, factory-outfitted JVX and DLX models, as well.

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Made in North Carolina, C-Hawk Boats Have been around for 35 years.  They cover our customers’ needs very well with center console models of 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 23’, 25’, & 26’ as well as cabin models of 22’, 25’, and 29’, all set up for modern outboard propulsion and fully pre-rigged with consoles, steering, t-tops, high quality stainless hardware, running lights, bilge pumps, leaning posts, fish boxes, etc..  C-Hawk also offers bare commercial hulls which can be paired with tiller steered propulsion to maximize working deck space, or to be set up by owners in the way they wish to use the craft, with side consoles, haulers, davits, etc.. 

For pleasure or for work these boats make fantastic packages with the technology of YAMAHA four stroke outboards, and represent great value for our customers in terms their competitive pricing, paired with good fit & finish and a very, very rugged construction. 


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