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In 1983, marine-industry entrepreneur Terry Stark set out to develop a line of durable, stable, affordable fiberglass boats that would establish new standards for their load-carrying capability. As his model, Terry chose the well-proven jon boat, which was itself inspired by the traditional flat-bottomed garvey.

The main element of his design consisted of individually sealed, fiberglass-encapsulated, flotation-foam “logs.”  These were oriented athwartships (gunwale to gunwale) and fitted tightly together in the bottom of a conventionally laminated, solid-fiberglass hull. Then the array of beams was heavily decked over with woven-roving reinforcement and polyester resin.

The original Carolina Skiff far exceeded the flotation requirements of the United States Coast Guard, and these boats soon became the workhorses of marine-construction firms, oceanographic research expeditions, and commercial fishermen. In addition, the Carolina Skiff proved to be a safe, versatile platform for family outings and recreational angling.

Today, the Carolina Skiff line includes no fewer than five different hull configurations, ranging from “Plain Jane” flat-bottomed utilities much like the original to fully rigged, sea-going sport-fishing boats like the DLV series. A longtime Carolina Skiff dealer, Jeff’s Marine continues to stock bare hulls and rigging components for the basic Carolina Skiffs, but in 2010 we began to carry the more sophisticated, factory-outfitted JVX and DLX models, as well.