Jeff's Marine greatly expanded its storage capability in 2005 with the purchase of a former farm on Route 131 in Warren. Located just two miles from our riverfront Thomaston dealership, the farm already had a large, partially restored barn, a second storage building, and plenty of flat, dry, open land adjacent to the existing structures.

Since then, we have added a third storage building at the farm (2008), and we can now store some 200 boats inside. Secure outside storage is also readily available, whether the customer covers his own boat or has us shrink-wrap it using our specialized equipment. In addition, we store outboards here at our Thomaston facility—inside, on racks, under lock and key.

Our basic storage rates (not including transportation) are as follows. Note that in calculating fees, we measure length overall, including such projections as trailer tongues, swim platforms, and sterndrive legs.


Inside storage
$12/foot (does not include covering)
Outside storage
Mast storage
$17 each
Jack-stand rental
$2/foot (plus labor)
Pressure washing
$12/foot (plus supplies)
Shrink wrapping
Summer Storage for Trailers $6/foot



Up to 15 h.p.
18 to 20 h.p
25 to 50 h.p.*
More than 50 h.p.*

* If a customer specifies that an outboard of 25 h.p. or more be removed from his boat for storage, the labor involved in derigging and rerigging will be billed at $64 per hour.