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Jeff’s Marine was the first Yamaha Outboards dealer in Maine, and we are still the largest in the state today. Although we have sold other brands in the past, Yamahas have stood the test of time—and coastal Maine’s demanding conditions—better than the outboards of any other manufacturer.

Yamaha Motor Corporation has a long history of technological excellence. In 1953, young Yamaha Corporation president Genichi Kawakami was looking for a way to make use of idle machining equipment, previously used to make aircraft propellers. He explored many products, but market factors led him to focus on motorcycles. Genichi visited the United States many times during this period, and eventually his tough, fast, lightweight motorcycles began chalking up victories on U.S. race courses.

In 1960, with this overseas experience under his belt, Genichi turned his attention to the marine industry and the production of the first Yamaha boats and outboard motors. Yamaha’s initial watercraft model was the CAT-21, followed by the RUN-13 and by the P-7 123cc outboard motor.

In 1963, Yamaha demonstrated its focus on technological innovation by developing the Autolube System. This was a remote oil-injection system for two-stroke engines, eliminating the inconvenience of pre-mixing fuel and oil. Today, Yamaha is leading the perfection of four-stroke technology in its outboards, achieving extraordinary improvements in engine longevity, quiet performance, exceptional fuel economy, and smokeless operation.